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VBX 8000

VBX 8000

The BOSS VBX-8000 is the biggest hopper spreader offered by BOSS. The 2 cubic yard hopper is made of corrosion-proof polyethylene and will not corrode and rust from winter use. Contractors can choose either a powerful 6" x 9" auger or 14" wide pintle chain drive option for moving material to the spinner disc. The spinner itself is a 14.5" polyethylene disc that will resist corrosion from the spraeding material. If the auger option is chosen, an inverted V comes standard in the hopper to break up material and prevent clogging. The motor is a powreful stainless steel motor and has a planetary drive worm gear box. The whole spreader is controlled from within the cab by a variable speed digital controller for precise spreading action. When a tough job presents itself, professional contractors go with the BOSS VBX-8000 hopper spreader.