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Straight Blade

Straight Blade

The BOSS UTV straight blade plow is the other option for the BOSS line of UTV plows. These plows come in either a 5' or 6' size, depending on the UTV itself. Attaching with the RT3 hitch system, the plow can easily and quickly go from storage to use. Using powerful enclosed hydraulics and an intuitive in-cab controller, the blade moves quickly and precisely from position to position. The blade itself is made of corrosion-proof polyethylene which allows the snow to effortlessly roll off, ensuring ample snow movement. It is also protected by a full moldboard trip design, meaning that the whole blade trips forward when an obstacle is encountered, thus protecting the plow and vehicle from excess impact damage. Designed for use on walkways and smaller areas, the BOSS UTV straight blade plow will get the job done.