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Trip Edge

Trip Edge

The BOSS Trip Edge plow is a powerful plow with an intuitive trip edge design for maximum plowing efficiency. These plows come in sizes of 7'6", 8', and 9' to be able to tackle any job. The plow attaches using the Smart Mount system and is controlled from within the cab using the intuitive Smart Touch 2 controller. It also includes the Smart Light 2 headlight systemfor a larger field of view while plowing. With the trip edge design, only the edge of the blade trips back when an obstacle is encountered, keeping the load of snow in front of the plow. Adjustable trip springs come standard and allow for the trip-edge tension to be adjusted for each job. A high-strength steel 1" diameter pivot pin adds to the lifespan of the plow. The heavy duty push frame and quadrant add extra durability and strength to the plow. The quick, reliable hydraulics are enclosed to protect them from freezing up in harsh winter conditions. These hydraulics also eliminate excess bouncing movement when transporting the plow. Diagonal bracing and a formed bottom channel increase the strength of the blade. Cast iron plow shoes provide superior performance compared to steel shoes. The plow itself has the Smart Shield protective coat to help resist corrosion and ensure longevity. When a job needs to get done, professionals choose the BOSS Trip Edge snow plow.